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Complex Document Formatting

"We are skilled in the art of formatting long and complex documents including academic submissions, company handbooks and professional tender documents."

Victoria Siddoway, All Typed Up

We are specialists in the art of complex document formatting. We work with both undergraduate and post graduate students for thesis or dissertation formatting, as well as large, international companies, working on complex and multi-tiered legal documents and are highly experienced in formatting professional tender documents.

Whether you require help in applying final tweaks to your document, troubleshooting specific areas, or if you need a particular formatting style applied throughout, All Typed Up has the experience to assist at every stage of the process. This enables you to focus on your content for best results. Our formatting services include:-

We return your formatted document in Word format as well as in a print-ready PDF format so you can easily quickly and easily upload it or email it to your chosen printers for fastest turnaround.

In addition to our full formatting service, we can also help with troubleshooting any problems you may experience with your table of contents, page numbering, footnotes or other areas of your document.

We also offer transcription services for dictation, interviews, focus groups, events and academic lectures. 

We are aware that time is crucial and will work to your deadlines. We have worked weekends and through the night in order to help our clients meet their deadlines. At All Typed Up, we work with you right to the very end. You do not pay anything until you are fully satisfied with your document.

Please note that in order to maintain highest ethics and integrity, we do not write content for any thesis, dissertations or other academic work.